Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Listening to Music While You Write

There is no point in listening to music when I write. I won't listen to it and will completely tune it out while I work so there really is no reason for me to play anything. I think I acquired this ability while in college. I am an only child so I never really had to deal with a sibling who was loud or playing loud music while I was doing something. When I started college, my roommate would play a CD while she studied and so I would have to listen to it as well. I didn't mind because I learned quickly that I needed to tune it out or I would never get any work done.

Listening to the Television

So this may sound weird but I do put the TV on when I work. I am not watching it, I am just listening. It helps keep me motivated and entertained while I write. I tune it out just as with music but for some reason, I like it better. Once I complete an article, I will look up really quick to see what is going on before starting something else. For some reason, I think subconsciously I am really watching it while thinking and typing. Hhhhmmm…I wonder if there are any studies on that. Anyway, that is what I do while I work, what do you do?




Debra w said...


You have some interesting information here on writing! I have been blogging for several months now, and find it very satisfying. I find that you tend to attract the types of readers who are like-minded.

I also keep the TV turned on in the background while I am writing unless I am working on something that requires deeper concentration.

Best of luck with your writing!


latha vidyaranya said...

you said you do not have siblings. single children have many times wished to have had a sibling when they look at other siblings. and others who have siblings some times wish they were single child when they look at other single children. at the same time the single child as he/she grows up realises the benefit of being the only child in getting total attention and petting from the parents. yet they sometmes miss a sibling as they realise that it is more fun to shrae things than to keep everything to oneself. the feelings are ambivalent.

and as they grow up they realise that music and TV can as much give company as a sibling with the added advantage of tuning them out when not needed, which is not possible if you have a sibling. you are with your thoughts and you tune out the music/TV. and once you are out of your thoughts, you can tune back to music/TV to give you company. on TV you have the visuals that make the companionship more real than an impersonal music. this may be the reason for more attachment to TV than to music alone. and when you get bored with them you can just put it off, not so with a sibling. they are a permanent feature in your life, whenther you want them or not.

the advantage of having a sibling is realized more as you enter the old age. your own kids would have moved on in life and your spouce may or may not be there for you emotionally. it is then that siblings become closer sharing a special bond, sharing those special moments of the past that only siblings can enjoy and others have no entry into it!

(a friend of mine sent a link to your page and these were my random thoughts)

nice blog! keep writing!

MLH said...

Debra - Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comment and you are right, blogging is satisfying and it does attract those who have the same type of thoughts and personality.

Latha - Thank you for taking the time to write out this AWESOME analysis. I have never thought of my TV watching this way but what you say makes a lot of sense. There is a lot of truth to what you have written. I have always wanted a sibling but I guess it's one of those things where you don't miss what you never had. I understand that a sister would come in handy especially when others are not there for you but I guess since I don't have one - I have close girl friends to take that place.

I did want to say one other thing about your great analysis. My role as a single child was not typical. My parents were not the loving sort which means I did not receive the attention most other single children receive. Because of that, it's made me an atypical only child. :)

But anyway, thanks again for the comments and thoughtfulness!!

Mayan Black said...

Hi there!:) Since I need to focus on my reserach papers in school, I usually prefer a small quiet place when I write. But when I write poems, I need to hear the chirping of the birds, the gentle sound of the air and the other murmurs of the nature...cheesy ah! When I write, I usually eat my fave foods like Cheetos and Ferrero to keep me going. Thanks for the nice post:)

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