Monday, March 31, 2008

Blogging for Yourself


My blogs always come second, no matter how many times I tell myself I want to get a blog going and establish it in the blogosphere. I just cannot keep myself committed because the work I have to do for others always comes first. What is funny is this is a perfect reflection of my personality. I am a caretaker type of person. The reason why I received a degree in counseling and counseled for so many years was so I can help others. Do I help myself? Not as much as I should. I find comfort and pleasure in making others happy. Is that right? I guess it is in a way but it's certainly not fair to myself.

I have decided to write about why everyone should blog for him or herself. This way, I can look it over on the days I put other work ahead of my own and help others who do the same. So here goes:

  • Recharge Your Passion

When you write for yourself, you give yourself a chance to unwind and write about what you want to write about not what your client wants. You can interact with your visitors the way you want to and without pressure to do anything. This sense of freedom is enough to recharge your passion for writing and give you that push towards doing better work.

  • Using Your Work for Your Own Benefit

Why is that most of us are so willing to write for others but we aren't willing to write for ourselves. We make money for other people and much more than we received for the articles. It's time to take our articles and turn them into profit for ourselves.

  • Recognition for Your Hard Work

For those of us who ghostwrite articles, we will never see our names on the work we do for clients. Blogging or writing for yourself will give you the recognition you deserve. You work hard on your writing and you need to receive recognition for that, at least sometimes.

  • Having Fun with Writing

Writing is always fun but we all know it's more fun to write about what we want to write about. This goes along with recharging your passion but is a bit different, which is why I made its own separate category. I know some people who write so much for others they have lost the fun involved in writing. These people can't even find the enjoyment in writing for themselves. This is why it is important to remind ourselves that we started writing because we find it fun.

Well, those are some of my reasons why I need to blog or just write for myself more often. Do you have any others to add to help the cause of writing for ourselves?


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Lena said...

i believe writing/blogging for yourself is exactly the moment when you are you, you can say what you want to, you do not think about it as a job, your rely on your heart only and then you remember why it had become your passion some time ago, it is really like recharging :)

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