Monday, March 3, 2008

Motivation…Motivation…Oh Motivation, where are you?

It's Monday and my headache is finally gone…only three days later. Now, I am sitting here with a list of things to do and NO motivation. UGH. What happened to that surge I talked about in the last post? Must have jinx myself. So in my attempts to get started I thought I would write a little on this blog.

My Procrastination Tactics

In my procrastination tactics, I just looked through my Google Reader for all the new posts for today. I applied for a couple of good gigs. That is always exciting.

Feast or Famine in Freelance Work

Freelance writing or any other freelance work is such a feast or famine type of thing. Either you have too much on your plate or you have almost nothing at all. I apply for jobs everyday or whenever there is something that I may be interested in. That way I cut down on the time that I am in famine status. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed because I worry that jobs will overflow my inbox and I will not have enough hours in a day.

Ready to Work

Well, I think I have broken through the motivation glitch and am ready to get started. Thanks for listening to my rambling. My lesson for today is when you are stuck or lack the motivation to write, just start writing anything. You will break through that mental block you have and get ready to start the real work.

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