Friday, March 7, 2008

Working At Home versus "The Outside"

Before I start, do not get me wrong, I LOVE working from home. It allows me to stay home with my child, feel productive, and pay the bills. These are all the things that I love about working from home. Oh, and I almost forgot, I really LOVE writing too. Anyway, like everything in the world, it has its drawbacks. Let me tell you what I thought of and if you have any, feel free to add your own!

You don't work you do not get paid.

When you work outside the home, most of the time you work for a salary (at least I did). This means that if you have days that you just don't feel like doing much, you can usually be a slacker and do enough to get by that day.
Freelance work is not that flexible. If you don't write that article, you don't get paid. So that means, you need to actually work every day. There really isn't any down time that you get paid for like you do in other jobs.

There is no lunch break.

Of course, you take a lunch break to eat lunch. What I am talking about is how when I worked on "the outside" I would go out to lunch with my coworkers and we would have a great time. Granted, I worked in the mental health field so the lunch was mostly a mental health break for me. However, it would be nice to have this in the freelance writing field.

Minimum social interaction about work.

Since you don't work in an office you don't get to complain to others around you how boring something is or how much you don't want to work that day. I am slowly discovering that message boards and blogs are my "office" and can serve the same purpose except you really need to watch what you say out there on the World Wide Web.

Okay, that's all I have for now, they are just the biggies that I often think about. Like I said, I wouldn't switch because of those things, it's just something to think about.


Amber said...

All very true. It's amazing how different working from home is from the perceptions people have about it - i.e. we don't really lie around all day watching daytime TV and yet somehow being paid!

avenuez said...

Because I work by myself at home and sometimes have no self control, I have eaten everything in the universe today:
* a mango
* two plums
* a fresh, big white bread roll
* a macaroon I bought for my boyfriend, and I don't even like them!
* some leftover pork, straight from a baggie
* three coffees

I've been in the kitchen about every hour. It's been a bad day. (P.S., I am glad I discovered your blog.)

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