Friday, February 29, 2008

Spending Time with Family and Writing

It's so hard some days to stop playing with my daughter, hanging out with my husband or watching the new TV reality show (tonight was my DVR Celebrity Rehab). My number one priority is to my family but sometimes I feel torn. I know I have work to do and instead of just sitting around, I could write one more article. However, I also want to spend time with my family because that is what I will remember years down the road.

Balance Between Work and Family

It's all about balance though and so far, it's been going well. I seldom push my daughter away so I can work unless it's absolutely necessary and then it's only for a little bit. I make time for my family but I also set time aside for my work. Sometimes I choose to watch a movie with my husband but then have to buckle down to do some work.

Thinking and Writing Better

I really think taking time to spend with my family helps me do well on my writing. Spending hours in front of a computer can be draining and exhausting. If I take a step away and come back to it, I feel like I have gotten my physical energy out and ready to unload my brain.

Working from Home

I love working from home because it gives me all the things I want to do. I hope that I can continue this balance and still grow my business as I plan. There will be very late nights but at least I am done with my work and I have my day with my family.

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